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We called at some more places with farcical names, where the merry dance of death and trade goes on in a still and earthy atmosphere as of an overheated catacomb; all along the formless coast bor- dered by dangerous surf, as if Nature herself had tried to ward off intruders; in and out of rivers, streams of death in life, whose banks were rotting into mud, whose waters, thickened into slime, invaded the contorted man- groves, that seemed to writhe at us in the extremity of an impotent despair.
Mr Kausch, from Co Wexford and who has a "relatively minor neurological issue", said: "The whole situation that we have here in relation to this is farcical.
We do reiterate our position that Jadhav remains in Pakistan and is facing death sentence awarded through farcical process and on concocted charges," Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said during a press briefing.
Judge Elizabeth Nicholls told him: "Your appearance was farcical, but it must have been terrifying to the shop assistant.
Human error from reckless experimentation produces a growth serum that sets off a comedy of errors as farcical as it is descriptive about the temptations of absolute power.
Archibald reckons it is farcical that Hampden chiefs let the Hoops fly to Ireland to play an International Champions Cup game with Inter Milan.
While Chronicle columnist and former United striker Quinn has backed the decision to target Benitez as United's next boss, he has criticised the club's hierarchy for allowing McClaren's tenure to drag on for days in seemingly farcical circumstances.
This is becoming farcical, and is potentially damaging to the reputation of the island as a tourist destination.
HERE we go again with the farcical New Year Honours List 2015 - farcical as it's often the wrong people who receive them.
WALSALL manager Dean Smith thought this game should have been abandoned when heavy snow made conditions farcical at times and his men shipped three goals in an 11-minute spell at the start of the second half at the Banks's Stadium.
This whole sorry saga has descended from the fanciful to the farcical and the Taoiseach's fingerprints are all over it.