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The Sun was full of the most solemn matters treated in the most farcical way.
"Am I such a farcical bungler, Watson, that I should erect an obvious dummy, and expect that some of the sharpest men in Europe would be deceived by it.
We called at some more places with farcical names, where the merry dance of death and trade goes on in a still and earthy atmosphere as of an overheated catacomb; all along the formless coast bor- dered by dangerous surf, as if Nature herself had tried to ward off intruders; in and out of rivers, streams of death in life, whose banks were rotting into mud, whose waters, thickened into slime, invaded the contorted man- groves, that seemed to writhe at us in the extremity of an impotent despair.
David Cameron is currently engaged in a farcical and rather meaningless anti-EU campain, only brought about by UKIP's recent surge of support on its anti-EU policies.
ISLAMABAD -- ,,, The Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has appealed to the Kashmiri people to totally boycott the forthcoming farcical elections in the Indian Occupied territory to honour the sacrifices rendered by the Kashmiri martyrs.
Jim McIntyre and Gary Holt last night conceded "farcical" conditions meant Falkirk's short-lived trip to Queen of the South couldn't continue.
He also mocked chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA), Sonia Gandhi, for claiming that Congress Party would again receive people's mandate to rule the country, calling her claims, "farcical."
CRAIG WHYTE last night branded the SFA "farcical" and insisted there was no chance he would appear before them.
However, critics labelled the ruling "farcical" as it came just days after a new Indian restaurant, Pappadums N Chutneys on City Road, lost its bid to serve alcohol in the city's saturation zone.
AN ENRAGED motorist has set up an internet blog to vent his frustration at "farcical" traffic light systems in his home town.
Sir - Warren Gatland could achieve instant popularity with the region players if he banned the farcical derby matches at Christmas.
STEVE McCLAREN'S 5,000 mile trip to watch David Beckham play in a charity match was a farcical waste of the England manager's time, according to former captain Terry Butcher.