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Southwest raises fares but also plans more area flights.
As mentioned, the--CA fares are capacity-controlled with a limited number of seats at the lower fare.
Dallas-based Southwest also increased its fares, charging $2 more for flights greater than 600 miles and $1 more for flights less than 600 miles.
NYCTA is also implementing Metro Card, a debit card system which enables passengers to transfer between bus and subway for a single fare.
Generally, there are two sets of rates, one for air fare for children ages 2 through 11 years old and another for ages 12 through 17 years old.
The average airline fare, when adjusted for inflation, is slightly lower today than in 1978.
The MTA board on Thursday approved the following fare changes, effective Jan.
Travel Analytics of Cleveland is selling a report on the cost impact of the fare restructurings that costs most companies less than $7,500.
Members of the Bus Riders Union packed Saturday's hearing and called on the public to join a fare strike, starting Monday, to protest the increase.
Fitch cannot rule the possibility of additional fare adjustments, including reductions, to build ridership with the goal of establishing a firm base level of demand with the potential for further growth.
The airline believed that round-trip fares as low as $58 would generate sufficient demand to fill 600 daily departures to 39 East Coast cities, including many smaller airports like Lansing, Mich.
45 would be illegal and is calling for a general fare strike between July 12 and July 16 as part of a campaign to reduce the standard fare to 50 cents and the $42 monthly pass to $20, organizer Rita Burgos said.