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If you acknowledge that one-half to two-thirds of cost savings at regulated operations typically are returned by regulators to consumers, Columbia's estimate that it can keep two-thirds of all savings is farfetched, to say the least.
The gambit, farfetched as it appears, charms with pretty melodies, imaginative arrangements (banjo, piano, harmonica, Jim Messina-style Telecaster) and the convincing delivery of 23-year-old Deasy, who, like Coldplay's Chris Martin, has a voice that seems to plead: ``Please don't hurt me, I'm only a harmless vegan.
This second volume in the Star Trek Gateways series is a somewhat farfetched tale in which Nick Keller, the wisecracking commander of the Federation Starship Challenger, has to deal with a mysterious ship that has appeared near the colony world of Belle Terre (featured in the seven volumes of the Star Trek New Earth series).
But we regard these alternatives as farfetched," adds study coauthor Duane O.
While some of the investment strategies at these seminars may be farfetched, certain of the strategies may have sound underlying characteristics.
The solution may strike some as farfetched, but there's plenty of fun in getting there.
But the chances they could find an individual dove is pretty farfetched.
And now the DWP intends to lend nearly $2 million in unsecured loans to Hawaii to bankroll a farfetched scheme to market electric scooters in the Third World.
Reaching the division final was a farfetched dream, let alone the State playoffs.