farm land

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The air was filled with dust and flying bits of vegetation and when the storm carried her across an irrigated area of farm land she saw great trees and stone walls and buildings lifted high in air and scattered broadcast over the devastated country; and then she was carried swiftly on to other sights that forced in upon her consciousness a rapidly growing conviction that after all Tara of Helium was a very small and insignificant and helpless person.
This suits everybody except the debtor as it has been a difficult thing to obtain sufficient voluntary labor to work the great isolated farm lands of Mars, stretching as they do like narrow ribbons from pole to pole, through wild stretches peopled by wild animals and wilder men.
It was mid-forenoon when the two at last entered one of the roads that cut through the cultivated districts at regular intervals, joining the arid wastes on either side with the great, white, central highway that follows through the centre from end to end of the far-reaching, threadlike farm lands.
As long as we are going past the fields and farm lands, follow briskly behind the waggon along with the maids and I will lead the way myself.
To keep it from filling above a certain level we have four great pumping stations that force the oversupply back into the reservoirs far north from which the red men draw the water which irrigates their farm lands.
Great wooden carts drawn by slow, plodding oxen were daily visitors to the grim pile, fetching provender for man and beast from the neighboring farm lands of the poor Saxon peasants to whom Norman of Torn paid good gold for their crops.
John Robert, the mayor of Valley East in Sudbury Region, says there have been numerous complaints in his municipality over the past few years about snowmobilers causing extensive damage to farm land and private and municipal property.
The test will be conducted at the Frey Farm land fill in Lancaster County, PA, in cooperation with the county's Solid Waste Management Authority.
Natural forests cover 23 percent and farm land 54 percent, leaving "scope for much more planting," Hunt said.
shifty29 The vast majority of Marske is housing estates built on farm land from the 1960s.
Raises support for development of Central Guinea farm land
At the weekend officers seized four quad bikes that were being ridden on open farm land off Chapel Lane and Doe Bank Park.

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