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AGRICULTURE. The art of cultivating the earth in order to obtain from it the divers things it can produce; and particularly what is useful to man, as grain, fruit's, cotton, flax, and other things. Domat, Dr. Pub. liv. tit. 14, s. 1, n. 1.

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He believes that even something as minor as learning that lemon trees have large thorns may help the public understand how difficult farming can be.
Due to budget cuts, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, charged with collecting data on young injured farmworkers, has decided to stop collecting data on injuries caused by farming equipment like tractors and pesticides in its reports on consumer products.
This typology of today's farm shows that there are new and different avenues for agri-marketers to reach their current customers, grow their customer base, and be better prepared for the farming landscape of the future.
The main point of the ordinance is to safeguard the future of farming in Ventura County, supporters say.
While shrimp farming has brought millions of dollars of hard currency to some 50 countries, it's extremely destructive to the environment.
9) Following a similar pattern, tobacco farming in Wisconsin was also labor intensive, and required the work of women and girls in the fields (both cases were Norwegian), paralleling the importance of females in tobacco crop production in the South.
Owners and operators of commercial farms and ranches, farm managers, consultants, those who work or live on a farm or ranch, persons in a business or profession directly related to farming or ranching.
Amy and Jamie are bringing people back out to the farm and demonstrating that farming can again be an important part of the community.
More farming goes on in the Antelope Valley north of the Kern County line, where farms grow onions, alfalfa, carrots and kabocha squash, exported to Asia.
Some family farmers say they would not be farming at all had Horizon Organic not invested time and money in their farms during the transition to organic through HOPE.
The way Craig Van Dam sees it, he didn't choose alfalfa farming as a profession - it chose him.
E[acute accent]Beginning on October 17, the commercial, highlighting the struggles of small-scale family farming in the face of the growth of industrial agriculture, will air on network and cable television during early morning, primetime, late night and access programs.