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A successful Kickstarter campaign helped pay for the farmstead cheesemaking plant located on Sjostrom's parents' dairy farm, Jer-Lindy Farms.
In the Midwest, where I do most of my deer hunting, apple trees are the norm in abandoned farmsteads, and area whitetails know exactly where and when to take advantage of these preferred offerings.
2 Even during the heart of big-game, seasons, the pursuit of squirrels and rabbits at abandoned farmsteads is an experience that would satisfy any hunter.
We investigated selection of den sites at two scales: (1) selection of farmsteads and (2) selection of buildings within farmsteads.
A sixth has been created by restoring a ruined farmstead.
It is a farmstead, actually the first such project of it's kind in the United States, created in the image of Somerset Court in England (Elgar, 1991).
When completed and open for tours in 2006, the farmstead home will serve as a public showcase for lifestyle ideas in the two sister magazines of Southern Progress Corporation.
On one of these trips Sir Kyffin went to Caerau, near Llanfairynghornwy, on Anglesey, to paint one of the whitewashed farmsteads.
The athletes' housing for the Lillehammer winter Olympic Games is an attempt to generate the notion of village in Norway while drawing on the immemorial tradition of Gudbrandsdal farmsteads.
As the title indicates, this study traces life-courses, families, and farmsteads in a Northwest German township over the course of two centuries.
6 million unprotected farmsteads that could utilize 200,000 new farmstead windbreaks involving almost 300,000 acres, and over 55 million trees.