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The voices of some sonnets suggest the farseeing woman: "Lately, when I'm sleeping, an animal // wakes inside me, volcanic at the base / of my throat.
We respect the historians' farseeing dedication to historical truth, but we also believe writers deserve compensation in the here and now.
They regarded "themselves as far smarter and farseeing than they really were and, at the same time, regarded their subjects as far more stupid and incompetent than they really were" (p.
In 1863, Bagehot described the emperor as possessing "a restless, scheming, brooding, cavernous mind; daring in idea--hesitating when it comes to action; a singular mixture of tenacity and inconsistency" who nonetheless was "unusually farseeing," thoroughly understanding "his nation, his day, and his position."
The Russians, Major Wells added, wer e not criminal lunatics like the Nazis, but clever farseeing and ruthless statesmen who would strike at the favourable moment.
Some of the Blues' more farseeing leaders recognized the need to place a higher priority on preventive medicine and the management of chronic diseases, but the Blues were never able to design and market policies embodying this perception.
Spencer wrote that: "The poverty of the incapable, the distresses that come upon the imprudent, the starvation of the idle, and those shoulderings aside of the weak by the strong, which leave so many in shallows and miseries, are the decrees of a large, farseeing benevolence." Let's decode Mr.
Styron's Turner is a man of moral depth and farseeing vision who is nevertheless a bitter, self-denying, sexually repressed man who cannot attain either physical or spiritual freedom.
Henry Adams was the finest American historian of the 19th century and, quite possibly, the most farseeing intellectual in American history.
He was farseeing, and although regarded as an innovator, was really middle-of-the-road and cautious.
In these volatile environments, farseeing boards can use multiple vacancies to acquire the cutting-edge skills and experience that will be critically important to the company's competitive viability in the future.
For that reason, a farseeing American patriot would devote himself not to helping others consume energy the way we do but to exploring all the ways of cutting our own consumption.