farthest end

See: extremity
References in classic literature ?
I began last week to permit my wife to sit at dinner with me, at the farthest end of a long table; and to answer (but with the utmost brevity) the few questions I asked her.
But they fell close to the bank, and the little waves bore them immediately to land; it was as if the stream would not take what was dearest to her; for in reality it had not got little, Kay; but Gerda thought that she had not thrown the shoes out far enough, so she clambered into a boat which lay among the rushes, went to the farthest end, and threw out the shoes.
In the ground-floor front of a dingy house, at the very farthest end of Freeman's Court, Cornhill, sat the four clerks of Messrs.
He gave the magic goblet a toss, and sent it clashing over the marble floor to the farthest end of the saloon.
And now a dream of resistance haunts him, hope battling with fear; until suddenly he stirs, and a fetter snaps--and a thrill shoots through him, to the farthest ends of his huge body, and in a flash the dream becomes an act
There is also a stage that kids can use for storytelling, singing and dancing, while an events/party room occupy the farthest end of the facility.
At this point at the farthest end of the Bangladesh-Myanmar border, tens of thousands of Rohingya had arrived in the past four weeks.
I have on more than one occasion found handicapped parking all taken and parked at the farthest end of the lot, diagonally across two spaces so I could deploy the ramp on my van.
Coach Ron was at the farthest end of the court and later on, approached me and told me exactly what I was saying.
At last, in the guest bedroom on the second floor at the farthest end of the house with multiple doors upstairs and downstairs closed between me and the shrieking, I have escaped our spook.
At the farthest end of the spectrum is the rather elaborate suggestion that it was the Russians who may have dispatched Badreddinea move that should supposedly be read against the backdrop of Russia's competition with Iran for primacy in Syria.
Kalat by being at the farthest end of the province was simply out of their reach.