farthest point

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Our infantry were stationed there, and at the farthest point the dragoons.
When the earth is nearest the sun she is in her perihelion; and in her aphelion at the farthest point. Speaking of the moon, she is nearest to the earth in her perigee, and farthest from it in her apogee.
He caught but a flash of it, for his pacings had carried him to the farthest point of his beat, and it was in turning back to the hotel that he saw, in a group of typical countenances--the lank and weary, the round and surprised, the lantern-jawed and mild--this other face that was so many more things at once, and things so different.
And that was the farthest point reached in the investigation of the mystery.
We Russians no sooner arrive at the brink of the water, and realize that we are really at the brink, than we are so delighted with the outlook that in we plunge and swim to the farthest point we can see.
It was the farthest point of navigation and the culminating point of my experience.
With the start and finish lines at the Quirino Grandstand, runners will make their way through the southbound and northbound stretch of Roxas Boulevard, with the farthest point at Le Pavillon Events Hall.
Mars reaches its farthest point (approximately 400 million kilometres) from the earth during superior conjunction.
Once the manoeuvre is successfully completed, Chandrayaan-2 will be in an elliptical orbit in which the probe will be 121 kms away from the orbit's nearest point, and 4,303 kms away from its farthest point. In the following days, the spacecraft will keep on closing the minimum distance till September 2.
According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), nights get longer in the country due to winter solstice, an astronomical term regarding the position of the sun "lying at its farthest point" south of the equator.
In July, the planet reached Aphelion, which is the farthest point in its orbit around the sun, and was around 70mn km from the sun's centre.