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If they had given out an Oscar for farting, it would have gone to sulfur-rich foods: beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, asparagus (talk about the greenhouse effect), carrots, raisins, bananas, onions, milk, and other dairy products.
Topping the people's choice is Santa's Farting Butt Travel Pillow, a neck pillow in the shape of Santa's rosy rear that "toots" loudly when his cheeks are squeezed.
I was a young man when I read an article in Plays and Players in which Peter O'Toole described acting as farting around in disguises.
A grassroots phenomenon published by North Atlantic Books and distributed by Publishers Group West in the fall of 2001, there are approximately 120,000 copies of Walter the Farting Dog in print with a reprint of another 50,000 planned.
On a tougher stand to prevent air pollution, there was also a proposal to disallow farting air travelers by having them take a methane breath test to separate the airy from the non-airy ones.
Known for his art for farting, creators NoNo Mobile and Ooh Wee Media chose the infamous "Will the Farter" who has appeared on the "Howard Stern Show," because he is recognized as the greatest farter in the world.
A SMELLY drinker has blamed the smoking ban after his local barred him for farting.
If you want to cause bloating, distension, or too much farting, you have to give a lot of beans," Levitt concludes.
FORMER Hear 'Say singer Suzanne Shaw has revealed that her boyfriend has banned her from farting.
If you're content farting around beneath the coping, not hitting tile (or even clearing the light
As we all know, men find farting hilarious - whether they're playing the trouser trumpet themselves or listening to a fellow soloist from the wind section.