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The Helleno-British excavations within the Citadel at Mycenae, 159-1969; fascicule, 24: The ivories and objects of bone, antler and boar's tusk.
En I956, dans un plan de Toute la memoire du monde, court-metrage de Resnais sur la Bibliotheque Nationale, on decouvre des exemplaires de Mandrake surmontes de deux fascicules de Harry Dickson.
A set of addenda and corrigenda is followed by a comprehensive and valuable Index des Temoins, which includes most of the MSS described in Pars II fascicules 1 and 2, together with an alphabetical list of all the patristic sources with the references where their citations are located.
83 Some time afterward (the fascicules of the Oulipian Library, or O.
Mais voici qu'un soir l'un de nous sort de sa poche quelques fascicules exigus, sans couverture.
The first volume of The Roman Inscriptions of Britain (those on stone), based on the collection begun by Collingwood in 1929, was published in 1965, and in 1986, in order to release the delay in the publications of the second volume (on minor inscriptions), it was decided to issue it in fascicules.
Selon la patronne de la HACA, ce Kit pedagogique comprend un referentiel normatif, conceptuel et methodologique accompagne de fascicules thematiques notamment sur le traitement de l'information, de la fiction et du divertissement.
Ils m'ont donne des fascicules a lire et m'ont demande de venir a leur eglise >>, se rappelle mon interlocuteur.
8 of the same series in seven fascicules between 1977 and 1992.
It is in relation to such supposed "sanctioned and organized" smuggling that Bernhardsson cites three fascicules of Lost Heritage: Antiquities Stolen from Iraq's Regional Museums (p.
Furthermore, the monographs are now presented in an attractive 556-page book, replacing the loose-leaf texts published in fascicules from 1996 to 1999.