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Though they do not use such a term to describe these groups throughout their work, they take for granted that the latter are savage and uncivilised (Annandale and Robinson, Fasciculi Malayenses, p.
They were located near the soft cerebral membrane, chiefly in the regions of the posterior long fasciculi, the nuclei of the abducent vestibular and trigeminus nerves, under the ependyma, in the area of the cochlear nerve nuclei, the Gover's fasciculi, and in the base of the cerebellum.
Another DTI study found risk by alcohol exposure effects related to reduced FA in some of the same white-matter pathways previously reported to be altered in FHP youth, including superior and inferior longitudinal fasciculi (Hill et al.
The scalene muscles are paravertebral muscles which begin at the first and second ribs and pass up into the sides of the neck, varying in the number of their costal and vertebral attachments, as well as in the interrelationships caused by the fusion of numerous fasciculi.
Nerve abscess may occur in various forms of leprosy due to caseation of nerve fasciculi leading to cold abscess formation.
Robinson, Fasciculi malayensis: Anthropological and zoological results of an expedition into Perak and Siamese Malay states, 1901-1902, parts 1 and 2 (Liverpool: University Press of Liverpool, 1903), p.
These are clusters of acicular crystals that form fasciculi and spindle-shaped crystals referred to as fusiform crystals.
Thus in the present study fibers arising from fascia anterior to soleus can be referred to as accessory fasciculi or Supernumerary fascicle.
Semang and Sakai Tribes", in their Fasciculi Malayenses: Anthropological and Zoological Results of an Expedition to Perak and the Siamese Malay States, 1901-1902 (London: Longmans, Green & Co.