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2), increased MD in bilateral superior longitudinal fasciculus with left predominance and bilateral anterior thalamic radiation (cluster in left hemisphere: t=5.
fasciculus primus, a copy of the motet Bellum insigne was included in the partbooks of the literary brotherhood in Rokycany, Bohemia.
Reduced left uncinate fasciculus fractional anisotropy in deficit schizophrenia but not in non-deficit schizophrenia.
Occasionally a small fasciculus passes forward to be inserted into the lateral part of the anterior cruciate ligament, hnown as the posterior meniscofemoral ligament, or ligament of Humphry, although only 6% of knee joints have both ligaments present.
In addition, "two cortical regions connected via the arcuate fasciculus exhibited increased thickness: the right middle temporal and precentral gyri," they noted.
This was originally published as Memoir on Fiorin Grass in the first fasciculus of select papers given by the Belfast Literary Society, in 1808.
1) Werner Rolevinck, Fasciculus temporum (Estrasburgo: Impreso por Johann Pruss, 1488), pagina 89b de la traduccion de Hans Widmann, ed.
The recognition of dissociated nystagmus was important in the diagnosis of these patients, since qualitative nystagmus dissociation is related to lesions of the medial longitudinal fasciculus and is common in degenerative central nervous system disorders.
According to previous reports, PNI was determined as positive when cancer cells infiltrated into the perineurium or neural fasciculus intramurally.
His influential Fasciculus Temporum, which appeared in 1475, was the first illustrated book printed with movable type in the Low Countries; he was also likely the compositor and book designer for Arnold Therhoernen who printed the first edition of this work by the German Carthusian Werner Rolewinck in 1474.