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Caption: This reconstructed MR image shows the right arcuate (blue tracks and arrows) and inferior longitudinal fasciculus (ILFs) (yellow tracks and arrows) in a single subject.
an elevation in the floor of the fourth ventricle (facial colliculus) is produced by the fasciculus of the seventh nerve as it curves around the sixth nucleus.
This massive body of work, totalling 776 quarto pages, contains only one drawing, MacEnery's sketch section of the Bear's Den, in Fasciculus C (Pengelly 1869: 310).
Fasciculus florum: or, A nosegay of flowers, translated out of the gardens of severall Poets, and other Authors.
It is caused by lesions in the arcuate fasciculus, the nerve fibers that connect Broca's area to Wernicke's area.
Being an instruction for attayning the French tongue (1605); Minerva Britanna, or a garden of heroical devises ([1612]); Fasciculus florum (1617), further described in the second edition as a hand-full of flowers (1618).
Cantiones aliquot quinque vocum (Munich, 1569); Ten Motets from Selectiorum aliquot cantionum sacrarum sex vocum fasciculus (Munich, 1570).
Wernicke's area also has massive connections through the arcuate fasciculus with Broca's area (B), which tends to show later peaks of activation in language tasks (Thierry, Boulanouar, Kherif, Ranjeva, & Demonet, 1999).
The band of association fibers responsible for the intra-hemispheric transfer of neural information is the arcuate fasciculus.
47) Quoted in Fasciculus morum: A Fourteenth-Century Preacher's Handbook, ed.
Signals coordinating these nuclei with each other and the vestibular system are carried partly by the medial longitudinal fasciculus (MLF).
And there are occasional startling historical lapses as in the claim, in reading a 1491 gravida figure from de Ketham's Fasciculus Medicinae, that the "human foetus acknowledges the sin of Adam and Eve by covering her [italics mine] face" (105).