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From the viewpoint of demand on transmission resources in the core network, the important categories of services are telephone, video and data, including computer communication electronic mail, fascimile and telex.
According to a fascimile of the proposal available on the website of Bulgaria's central bank BNB, the consortium said it expects the Bulgarian government to contribute up to BGN 2.
To whatever end, because of their extra-ordinary quality, Rifkin's edition and Wolff's fascimile will serve as foundational tools.
IBS is a flexible, totally digital, integrated service designed to accommodate a full range of user applications including telex, voice, fascimile, data and teleconferencing.
A fascimile reproduction is available on the library's Web site at http://www.
OSCM is broadening its available fax and Internet Provider product offerings and has installed a network of gateways for fascimile and other IP phone services worldwide.