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Various departments of the University of Ottawa participated in the production of the fascimile. The introduction, in French, is by Father Auguste-M.
Any reader of the very long Clarissa (in the 1990 fascimile of The Clarissa Project's third edition, eight separate volumes of text and 3,029 pages) almost always stumbles over the problems caused by its size.
(eds), The Durham Ritual, Early English Manuscripts in Fascimile, XVI (1968), 44-8); so that the supplementary matter, educational and other, added to the collectar (fos [61.sup.ro]-[88.sup.vo] [= p.
NEW YORK - An all-in-one fascimile machine, printer, scanner and copier may be a dream machine for the home office worker.
New businesses that haven't yet established credit can rent a telephone system, a fascimile machine, a copier and a computer for about $295 per month.
From the viewpoint of demand on transmission resources in the core network, the important categories of services are telephone, video and data, including computer communication electronic mail, fascimile and telex.
According to a fascimile of the proposal available on the website of Bulgaria's central bank BNB, the consortium said it expects the Bulgarian government to contribute up to BGN 2.3B in cash through the Bulgarian Development Bank or another institution as a capital injection into KTB.A
To whatever end, because of their extra-ordinary quality, Rifkin's edition and Wolff's fascimile will serve as foundational tools.