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Trying to look as if he knew anything about it, Fascination replied,
Fascination looked from his wine glass at Mrs Lammle and at Mr Lammle; but mightn't, couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't, look at Georgiana.
Fascination wished to know if the colour were not called rose- colour?
They sat in this order: Mrs Lammle, Fascination Fledgeby, Georgiana, Mr Lammle.
'If I understand this girl, sir, your dangerous fascinations have produced some effect upon her.
Rudolph Otto, a German scholar of comparative religion and a philosopher, articulated the notion of a numinous experience-an experience of a mysterious presence that elicits at the same time fear and fascination, the 'mysterium tremendum' and the 'mysterium fascinosum.'
These are themes to work on, so at the present time it is Fascination.
Carnival Cruise Line's Fascination will head to dry dock to undergo a multi-million dollar renovation that will see the addition of a number of new dining venues.
DAME Helen Mirren finds the "fascination" with her age and beauty regime "boring".
Each quarter is loosely tied together with the section's main character's fascination with spirals.
How the World Sees You: Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination initially would seem to appeal to psychology and self-help collections; but it actually comes from a branding and marketing expert who reveals how to tap into one's personality and its tools to sell a compelling product: you.
KOLKATA -- Slamming those who are against cultural exchanges between India and Pakistan in the wake of diplomatic tensions, veteran film and theatre actor Naseeruddin Shah said a section of Indians do not reciprocate the "tremendous" fascination and curiosity of the neighbours for the country.