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Unite Against Fascism held a counter demonstration, with supporters carrying banners, shouting slogans and playing music.
Maybe it's the guilt of the Nazisympathising British Establishment who did not want to defeat fascism until it reached the point where they had no choice.
Someone who should know better than to abuse the term, the Israeli Francophone historian Zev Sternhell, is undoubtedly the world's greatest authority on French fascism.
He referred to "the fluidity and tension in the world today" and noted that International Day Against Fascism and Remembrance Day "could and must act as a stimulant for humanity, so as not to allow the revival of the nightmare of fascism and war".
By using black colonial subjects as a stand-in for the more proximate targets of fascism, Horvath creates a lexical problem for himself.
Once upon a time, the fight against fascism united Europe; and together, we can resist neo-Nazism today.
Among others speaking out against fascism at the rally was Mayor of Liverpool Joe Anderson, who was subjected to some boos and heckles with calls of "no cuts" and "you are the right" from sections of the crowd.
The gathering included members of Unite Against Fascism.
ACCUSATIONS that early Plaid Cymru leaders sympathised with fascism have long been levelled at the party.
Fascism is a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation or race above the individual and stands for a centralised government headed by a leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
Fascism is native to the country that it is in and a Fascist from Italy would only have core values that are the same as a British one because problems that are in their country would not be the same as British ones.
In the last decade, the study of fascism has undergone a major renewal.