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Goldberg's third point, that American "liberalism" and the "progressivism" that preceded it, have "an affinity for fascistic ideas" raises again the issue we discussed earlier about hyperbole.
Blair and Brown are a disgrace to the Labour Party, and their economics has produced a fascistic anti-social society.
In this book, the editor/author Bangura, along with seven other co-authors embark on a journey to rebuttal, to repudiate numerous images labeled onto the religion of Islam identified mostly by the West as oppressive, male dominant, undemocratic, fascistic, inhuman, and philosophically terror based in achieving various goals by its adherents as opposed to adopting peaceful means.
Eventually the Rebels, a multicultural volunteer army, defeat the fascistic Empire, amid much celebration across the galaxy.
He would flirt with fascistic (or at least corporatist) ideas like the National Recovery Administration and in 1937 try to pack the Supreme Court.
The anarchistic "V for Vendetta" depicts resistance in a futuristic, fascistic Britain.
Today, Churchill's words echo sharply as a new strain of fascistic rabidity threatens freedom everywhere and such state-of-the-art aircraft as the F-22A Raptor and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) ready for battle.
00) presents Kenneth Chinran, who joined the military and was sent to infiltrate a fascistic planet--Earth--at the peak of his career.
Well, that would be a state with alarmingly fascistic tendencies, to put it mildly--but it's probably not that helpful to say so, is it?
Walker paraphrased Chilean writer Alejandro Magnet, calling Peronism a movement with "authoritarian, corporative, and fascistic traits.
He longs for Hogwarts School, but life there is no better, as a horrid, fascistic new professor of the Dark Arts slowly gains control of the school.