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She reflected on whether the mode of "Green Northern Europe" would be applicable around the whole world and referred to the progress made by China in the circular economy while suggesting that the fashion industry will be the next industry to lead the way to a greener mindset.
International retail brands have their eyes set on the Islamic fashion industry.
AFF aims to further African fashion designers' success in the global fashion industry and luxury market by providing capacity building through internship placements, manufacturing and production assistance, and grants and scholarships.
In addition, having the capability to quickly analyze data is of utmost importance when trying to adhere to strict codes and regulations while simultaneously delivering top notch products in the fashion industry.
Tracy Affleck, Programme Leader for the Level 3 Diploma in the Photographic and Fashion Industry, said: "We are thrilled to be offering this exiting course starting in September.
Paying heed to the growing demands of the fashion industry and address the need for professional in other areas, Pearl Academy of Fashion ( PAF) has come up with some new courses.
Its major role is to contribute to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry and work towards a greater good, harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and fair.
Playing its strategic role as a leading business facilitator, the chamber hosted its first roundtable discussion about fostering the Dubai fashion industry.
Firmly established as a fashion industry icon, John Galliano's illustrious career is chequered with a series of prestigious awards and industry accolades.
Mr Haigh picked up the Behind The Seams award for his services to the fashion industry.
Branding practices in the fashion industry are examined in the second edition of this book, which has been revised to include new trends (such as Internet blogging) as well as new companies.