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As such, it acts as an indicator of the wider social expectations that so significantly shape this most supple emblem of fashionability.
Sutherland, who took over as boss of Superdry in October, will cover all aspects of the business - and that will include the fashionability of its clothes, ensuring more best-sellers are in stock and taking a look at its supply chain.
White women could choose to tan, but those born with black or brown skin were excluded from any discussions of fashionability.
dank remained crucial to male identity, but in the urban context it was challenged by a new emphasis on what I call performative masculinity, that is, the ability to master codes of fashionability and to comport oneself with distinction in the city's emerging arenas for mannerly display.
Indeed, the increased variety and fashionability associated with 'fast fashion' have tilted the balance of competitive advantage towards firms nearer 'home'.
The return to this painting and the young woman working at the counter provides the transition to the final chapter, which focuses on the "chic Parisienne" who became an icon of a distinctively French image of taste and fashionability at the end of the century.
Ingrid Sischy's first issue of Artforum under Amy Baker Sandback inaugurated a new trend favoring fashionability, but the champagne had gone flat after Avalanche, Art-Rite, File, The Fox.
The queen mother's clothes were a reaction to the intense fashionability of the duke and duchess of Windsor, whose style was about modernity and a modern r o y a l t y , " Bolton said.
The upper class and the media cast fashionability as a vice while simultaneously encouraging the adoption of a new sartorial regime: "a pose of plainness.
Value Buyers placed more emphasis on price and value rather than brand name or fashionability.