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They are not especially concerned with the fashionability of single malt, but are aware of its trendiness.
Modelling soon became a glamorous and exclusive profession dominated by debutantes and other well-bred young women, and fashion models came to represent the height of both fashionability and beauty.
Generally, younger consumers, and those who considered themselves more modern and more concerned about their appearance were even more likely to favour the Japanese stores on fashionability. Focus groups of consumers also stated that they shop at Japanese stores mainly because they are more fashionable than local stores, and that they believe Japanese stores carry higher quality than local stores.
John Updike's Self-Consciousness: Memoirs seeks out the nice balance of high-minded dirty-mindedness and starstruck fashionability that has brought him such success and made him indeed a suitable case for autobiographical treatment.
Retail buyers might then be expected to use criteria such as selling history and merchandise fashionability in their vendor selection decisions.
She also lamented "the fashionability of work with a dubious formal resemblance to process-based art and Arte Povera." (3) Without specifically contrasting her own works to art that simplistically emulates such historical precursors, Baghramian continued: What motivates this rapprochement is the fact [that] the only art statement being made by the artists here is the bare fact of their making or doing.
Its chamber of trade has been revived in the past year and its efforts to put the town on the map has attracted publicity, with presenter and Western Mail columnist Lowri Turner recently expressing her amazement at the fashionability of a town she had previously never heard of.
FURNITURE chain ScS Upholstery said yesterday it had banked better profits thanks to increased awareness of the "fashionability and aspirational appeal" of sofas.
ScS said yesterday its continued strong performance was down to increased awareness of the "fashionability" and "aspirational appeal" of sofas.
"Our sites now look better, we have improved our product quality and fashionability, we have a 21st century warehouse system and we are still a highly cash generative pounds 1bn business."
For museum curators and employees, economic concerns, as well as the feasibility and fashionability of a given exhibit, often dictate the nature of displays.
Customers appreciate the thoroughness of Rite Aid's seasonal commodities as well as the fashionability of its other holiday products, he adds.