fashionable society

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I have no intention of describing fashionable society in the GREAT EMPORIUM of the WESTERN WORLD.
It was impossible to help laughing at the funny conflict between Laurie's chivalrous reluctance to speak ill of womankind, and his very natural dislike of the unfeminine folly of which fashionable society showed him many samples.
As a man Thackeray was at home and at ease only among people of formal good breeding; he shrank from direct contact with the common people; in spite of his assaults on the frivolity and vice of fashionable society, he was fond of it; his spirit was very keenly analytical; and he would have been chagrined by nothing more than by seeming to allow his emotion to get the better of his judgment.
In the ladies' apartment, too, I rejoiced to distinguish some of those flowers of fashionable society who are so well fitted to adorn the most elevated circles of the Celestial City.
Fashionable society of that day hardly knew the name of the victim who passed by at the corner of the street, and it was the populace at the most who regaled themselves with this coarse fare.
Too proud to supplicate or seek explanation, he threw himself at once into a whirl of fashionable society, and in a fortnight from the time of the fatal letter was the accepted lover of the reigning belle of the season; and as soon as arrangements could be made, he became the husband of a fine figure, a pair of bright dark eyes, and a hundred thousand dollars; and, of course, everybody thought him a happy fellow.
Two lively widows want to show her the sights of Edinburgh and fashionable society.
Part of its survivability is that nostalgia-trippers have made it the venue for fashionable society weddings.
Fashionable society further shaped the city, from public gardens to philanthropic institutions.
The Beau Monde: Fashionable Society in Georgian London.
Decorative wall tiles did not come into general use until the late 1860s and through the 1870s, when fashionable society was gripped by the Aesthetic Movement.