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Fashionably Late will be performed on June 15 at 7.
And now as a Fifty-something I'm wondering whether it's time to send them to the recycling bin and start wearing fashionably slim trousers instead.
The 28-year-old socialite, dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, was spotted screaming at the security men standing at the entrance to her fashionably gated estate.
IT'S a Fashionably Late affair at Oasis, in Liverpool One tonight, in connection with Vogue's Fashion Night Out.
There's an endless choice of strong fabrics in fashionably chic, funky or retro designs to suit your garden, whatever the style
The book will be called Fashionably Late and is expected to be released early in 2009.
The growing popularity of the "eco-blog" has been attributed to the fashionably green website TreeHugger.
I am increasingly nostalgic for such conversation as I sit in front of numerous presentations of buildings that could end up brown green, blue and almost invariably shiny, fashionably skimmed, layered, muted, draped and hung over a predictable carcass.
Now that nearly every new musical--from TDe Producers to Spamalot--comments on or cannibalizes other musicals, will the Broadway revival of A Chorus Line (opening October 5) seem old hat or fashionably in synch?
Ricky is married to a sweet, fashionably emaciated Croatian model, who only wants her husband's love and to have his baby.
Start with the you-can-put-your-whole-life-in-here size and fashionably slouchy shape.
Ah, the '70s, what a fashionably unkind time it was.