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In Hawthorne' s complex portraits of these two distinct Coverdales, the naive, unsuspecting original and the older, more reflective fashioner of the retelling, we shall discover Nabokov's insight, and the difficult, even painful, metamorphosis required of Coverdale to achieve it, rendered as richly as may be found in American literature.
The fashioner of such enchantments, the maker of such materials, covers his 'discoveries with ever more expert insinuation, ever nicer needling.
Christian Spurling, step-son of Marmaduke, expert fashioner of model monsters.
It could be a good old fashioner "spoiler" in which one paper gets wind of another's plans, finds out the details and decides to print them first.
"He is Allah, The Creator, The Originator, The Fashioner." Sura Al-Hashr 59:24.
The Caribbean offers a particular challenge to the fashioner of a women's mythology.
For unless whatever goes on within "the deepest recesses of the psyche" between the fashioner and his or her self gets represented or, as Butler would say, performed, there is nothing to see or interpret apart from the fantasies of the "internal core" we inscribe on the surface of the representations we interpret.
Still, the terms of such a resolution cannot be called monadic, because readers create their own resolutions, a truth nobody knew better than the fashioner of The Confidence-Man.
In the modern age, i.e., mostly since Blake and the Romantics, poetry has been autobiographical in range and has featured the tribulations of the individual poet as hero in a poetry of his own making, the two best examples in French poetry being Rimbaud and Lautreamont.(2) To rediscover the anthropological function of poetry, both as the fashioner of and the reflector on culture, means for the anthropologist, to find how much of its own tradition modern poetry can collect and translate in terms applicable to the everyday world.
implicitly, therefore, he is wanting to emphasize the value of the fashioner of the first lyre at the expense of the bringer of hermeneutics and god of communication.
One little eight-year-old is already a skilled fashioner of tiny nativity scenes.