fast and loose

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He was very fast and loose with taxpayers money last year, signing off $660 million worth of underwrites.
Mr Kark said: "This was a demonstration of Mr Hill playing fast and loose with the safety of those below his aircraft."
We believe the Government is playing fast and loose with the safety of the communities we represent."
But Fast And Loose seems tailormade to his quick wit and superb improvisation skills, and it's a show where he is in good company among a slew of today's rising comic stars.
And finally, if it meant conducting a near-maniacal election campaign--disgorging smears, proposing constitutional amendments on the fly, playing fast and loose with national unity, and descending into a caricature of the man who will say anything to win a vote--then he would do it in spades, and have the chutzpah to declare that this election was about his values."
Previous Gelitin projects have played fast and loose with a range of art-historical precedents: Their giant pink Rabbit, 2005, for instance, pokes fun at the seriousness and machismo of Land art.
So, yeah, the script is iffy and the chintzy-looking production plays fast and loose with period details--why is scarily pale Everett dressed for a swank party at Noel Coward's?--but Everett and Hart's silk stalkings make for feet-up-on-the-couch good fun.
``I am writing to you to complain most strongly at the way that the government is playing fast and loose,and in particular the prime minister, with the future deployments to come in Iraq,''he said.
The 35-year-old lacks some of the technical skills and likes to play fast and loose with the rule book, but he showed he has a fighting heart and determination.
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