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thing we a door Lane, Hyde, that a bee"We were fast asleep and just heard a loud bang.
Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 14 ( ANI ): A heart-wrenching sight grabbed the attention of everyone when a five-year-old boy was spotted at Hyderabad's Osmania General Hospital (OGH) lying fast asleep next to his dead mother.
Bog Standard, Gone to Speed and Fast Asleep are all former speed record holders ?
And another neighbour, who lives directly opposite the house said: "We were fast asleep at the time, I didn't hear anything.
My mum still mentions the old Flatley heater which stood in the corner with the old cat fast asleep on top, keeping warm.
Millionaire rider Tom Queally, 30, yesterday admitted a drink-driving offence but celebrity lawyer Nick "Mr Loophole" Freeman, who has represented Sir Alex Ferguson and David Beckham, said the jockey had driven off while fast asleep.
They said one Sarbiland Khan, his son Zakir and a woman were fast asleep when room of their house suddenly caved in at Koto village in the jurisdiction of Police Station Balambat.
Last April, Devon and Cornwall police had to use bolt cutters to open the door of a hotel room where they found him fast asleep under a duvet.
This story has a perfect ending with the mouse curling up into a little ball and falling fast asleep.
IT was exactly 8am, and I was fast asleep in bed on a silent Sunday, when the body of a small child landed directly on my head.
A DRIVER found fast asleep in a lay-by in his works vehicle was found to be more than three times the drink drive limit.
However, quite what causes 23-year-old Tom from Torquay to do all the strange somnambulant stuff he gets up to after lights out remained as much of a mystery come the end of the programme as when it began - although I'm pretty sure trying to find out was far funnier for us watching at home than it had been for his long-suffering family back in the English Riviera In short, the majority of Tom's long, restless nights in the Land of Nod are taken up with him trying to jump, while fast asleep, out of bedroom windows - a feat he first achieved in college when he fell 30ft and landed on the patio - throw himself down flights of stairs and conduct heated arguments with someone called Mark who, by the look of it, lives under his mattress.

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