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Predators are just interested in the fast buck, taking what they can out of the business.
There's a huge movement to an Asian look that's very tranquil, very Zen," said James Eli, buyer for Fast Buck Freddies, a specialty department store in Key West, Fla.
What is clear is that when Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas and Hillary Rodham Clinton was a highly compensated member of a prominent law firm, they associated with some financially unscrupulous operators and took every advantage of available opportunities to turn a fast buck.
To suggest they were "making a fast buck on the backs of traditional acquirers of electricity" does indicate that he is not well informed of the installation costs and therefore the long term pay back periods involved with any alternative supply methods.
THE names and addresses of around 200 Coventry pensioners have been found listed on a so-called "suckers list" created by conmen look-look ing to make a fast buck.
When the stock market roulette wheel spins, City speculators gambling a fast buck are the winners.
Companies such as A4e - under investigation for fraud - will be able to increase their profits, not just by exploiting the jobless, but by using the disabled to make a fast buck too.
Unfortunately, this will mean some people will try to make a fast buck by flouting the law on reselling tickets or setting up scam websites, so it is important that fans are aware that there is only one official way of getting tickets - through the London2012.
Human beings are very greedy for money and earning a fast buck, rather than having a long-term view of any issue - safeguarding the planet, warding off disasters and avoiding and controlling populations, etc.
Caitriona Harvey, who is leading an investigation for Environment Agency Wales, said: "It looks as if the two loads are from one company trying to make a fast buck.
It is all about self-promotion and making a fast buck rather than putting the interests of the club, its staff, supporters and success first.