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The presence of international chains such as McDonald's, Dominos, Pizza Hut and Burger King as well as local players, Herfy and Al Baik ensure that Saudi residents are well-serviced in terms of fast food options.
Millions of Americans, including children, eat fast food every day.
One hallmark of the heavy users of fast food was a lack of time.
Consumer demand for healthy meals is causing McDonald's and other fast food restaurants to add fruits and vegetables to their menus, according to QSR.
On an average calculation the fast food business in Pakistan and the trend of eating habits of the locals in the country is increasing almost 21% annually which means the growth of the fast food business in Pakistan is more than 20% on annual basis which makes it as one of the fastest growing businesses not only in Pakistan but even in the entire world as well.
The report mentions the financial and strategic plans along with the complete profiles of the key players in the Fast Food industry.
There are estimated to be between 1m and 5m fast food workers on zero hours contracts in the UK with some staff under 21 paid PS5.
If you're in the Fast Food industry in Mexico, our research will save you time and money while empowering you to make informed, profitable decisions.
The country's fast food sector increased in value by 15 per cent in 2013 over 2012, with 12 per cent more outlets opening that year, according to data from Euromonitor International.
The deteriorating health of people of all ages and very particularly the young, can be attributed to chemicals, colours and injurious ingredients used in the preparation of fast foods and energy drinks.
Former Conservative minister Simon Burns had questioned if the UK should follow the lead of the United States and ensure all fast food restaurants do it.
Eight in 10 Americans report eating at fast-food restaurants at least monthly, with almost half saying they eat fast food at least weekly.