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Pat James, CEO of Micronutrients said: In Nutreco we have found a good steward for our business, which has grown at a fast rate in the US in recent years.
TCL Communication Technology maintained a fast rate of growth in China over the last few years.
Commenting on his appointment, Castelino said: "Facilities management in the UAE is growing at such a fast rate, and I would like to ensure that Cofely Besix FM strengthens its position even further as the top facility management company in the region,"
The Bank of England said over the three months, unsecured lending had grown at its fast rate since October 2005 and annually the November figure was up 6.
Do not lock the door"she called - too late, He already had secured it at a very fast rate, But when he was ready to come back out, "I can't open the door"she heard him shout.
The total number of students in the UAE, estimated at around 900,000, has been growing at a fast rate of 5.
The online market is also developing at a fast rate, with toys bought per family on the Internet worth BGN 98 on an average.
After all, UKIP is the only party that is growing in numbers - and at a fast rate.
The last nine months witnessed a significantly fast rate of growth, although this was driven mostly by consumers.
It's going into aerospace at a very fast rate because you can 3D print aircraft engine parts and take weight out," Evans said.
New Delhi, November 13 ( ANI ): Childhood Obesity and the accompanying health consequences are growing at a fast rate in India.
We're growing at an exceptionally fast rate, not only in terms of our client-base, but also the number of manufacturers for which we distribute," said Jeff Day, Managing Director of AB Systems.

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