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The coordinator said that the number of the elderly in Nigeria was growing at a fast rate, adding that more people will be in need of healthcare.
Speaking at a church service to climax the 82nd Ada Asafotufiami Festival, former President Mahama said the first phase of the sea defence project, which was completed during his administration, was helping to curb the fast rate of erosion of the beach front.
'Combined with environmental conditions such as sufficient sunlight, high water temperature and calm water, the algae can grow at a very fast rate,' it said.
Unless Dr Mahathir acts fast to stop the erosion of trust and credibility towards PH, the Umno-PAS cooperation will grow at a very fast rate and by the time the general election is called, PH may be looking at a stronger than expected opponent.
Gray can give a counter theory, which explains the unnaturally fast rate of change, and the shrinking glaciers and ice fields?
Skin cells are replaced by your body at an extremely fast rate, so what happens to the dead skin cells that are being replaced?
Khuzestan has an extensive range of dams but officials said water was flowing into them at a fast rate.
says cash machines and bank branches are closing at a fast rate
This study shows that these glaciers are retreating at a very fast rate. If this continues, within a few decades the glaciers in Reshun Gol will disappear.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Dec 22 (ANI): Expressing concern over the fast rate of urbanisation, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman asked the Directorate General of Defence Estates (DGDE) to protect every inch of its land.
For 80% of our pollution, this ends up becoming a huge expense, especially when all health related things are rising at such very fast rate but their salaries remain stagnant.
"India is growing at a fast rate and will be a $5 trillion economy in another 7-8 years.

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