fasten together

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Some are, as you see, upon one sheet, and some are in many pieces which may fasten together, There are some who do but paint upon the glass, and then, by placing another sheet of glass upon the top and fastening it, they keep the air from their painting.
The LEVEL U's magnetic eartips also fasten together, making the headset neater and more wearable when not in use.
* The two pads will fasten together at the center of the stabilator with hook-and-pile fasteners as the diagram shows below.
5 : to fasten together and enclose in a cover <bind a book>
These three bags are made of tough polypropylene and fasten together with Velcro tabs.
It is a greater risk chancing that England, who came into this series following consecutive humblings to an organised but uninspired New Zealand team, manage to fasten together two performances.
* 40 3-inch deck screws to fasten together 2-by-2 box frame
Fasten together the ends of each finger puppet securely with tape.
In addition, we made posts and beams from 2-by lumber because it's lighter than timbers and much easier to fasten together. You can expand the length and width about 25 percent without going to stronger components.
About the only manual feature in the vehicle are the frames that slide out from either side of the load compartment, and fasten together to create a load extender that runs to the end of the lowered tailgate.
FOLD into a cone that sits snugly on the head and fasten together with tape.
When a normal, corkscrew flagellum reverses rotation, mechanical stress forces the interlocking protein strands to move past each other slightly and fasten together in different spots.