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But it was enough to have terrified a bolder man than I; and, indeed, it alarmed all our company, when, with the noise of Friday's pistol, we heard on both sides the most dismal howling of wolves; and the noise, redoubled by the echo of the mountains, appeared to us as if there had been a prodigious number of them; and perhaps there was not such a few as that we had no cause of apprehension: however, as Friday had killed this wolf, the other that had fastened upon the horse left him immediately, and fled, without doing him any damage, having happily fastened upon his head, where the bosses of the bridle had stuck in his teeth.
It was a wild beast whose teeth fastened upon the shoulder of the Hun--it was a wild beast whose talons sought that fat neck.
With one mind, their intent eyes all fastened upon the old man's knife, as he carved the chief dish before him.
He felt that all eyes were fastened upon him; he imagined he was succeeding, and yet the titter- ing continued; it even manifestly increased.
Fix cursed it, no doubt; but Aouda, with her eyes fastened upon her protector, whose coolness amazed her, showed herself worthy of him, and bravely weathered the storm.
Instead, they stood in tense silence with their eyes fastened upon me, as though waiting for a signal to attack.
The love-disease had fastened upon her, and she had been doomed from the first to perish of it.
He certainly did not glance at Kit or at his mother, and appeared utterly unconscious of their presence; still Kit could not help feeling, directly, that the attention of the sly little fiend was fastened upon them, and upon nothing else.