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One of the most common misapplications involves an incorrect fit - too much clearance between the wrench and the fastener. This can damage either the wrench or the fastener or both.
Fastener Engineers, which was launched in 1962 with introduction of an in-line wire-drawing machine for the cold-heading industry, will become part of PCC's Specialty Products business, which includes the machine-tool divisions as well as Eldorado deep-hole-boring tools and Astro Punch fastener-forming tools.
Achieving this goal will allow the fastener industry to utilize higher speed automated packaging and palletizing equipment, increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.
MANUFACTURER Union Fasteners has invested PS80,000 in two new specialist machines.
26 July 2019- Kentucky, US-based automotive fasteners and body hardware supplier Auveco has acquired New Jersey, US-based autobody fasteners and speciality hand tools supplier W and E Sales Company, the company said.
A galled fastener may not be able to achieve the necessary pre-load -- especially in case of dynamic loading.
Key statement: The present technology provides a pneumatic tire provided with a mechanical fastener member for attaching an object to the inner surface of a pneumatic tire, wherein the mechanical fastener member is bonded with high bonding strength to the inner circumferential surface of the tire, and a method of manufacturing the same.
Fastener production is one sector benefitting most, especially Taiwanese producers.
Their first component offering is the DST fastener to suit 30x10 cutout so bringing DST assembly to cabinets for external environments.
US-based private equity firm Audax Private Equity has partnered with management to acquire California, US-based aerospace fasteners distributor Fastener Distribution Holdings, LLC from Housatonic Partners, the firm said.
* PEM broaching fasteners include threaded nuts, threaded or unthreaded standoffs, panel fastener assemblies, threaded studs, and SNAP-TOP[R] standoffs with a spring action to hold boards securely without screws or threaded hardware, and these can be used in boards and in aluminum, acrylic, casting, and polycarbonate components
Midwest Fastener and NRHA have joined forces to create a program to raise the standard of excellence in the hardware and fasteners department for retailers.