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Established over 30 years ago, Disc-Lock designs and manufactures highly-specialised vibration-proof fastening systems.
I am excited to implement new marketing strategies to build Fry Fastening Systems as a brand," Kinnett says.
The CPSC code states: "Guardrails shall be attached so that they cannot be removed without either intentionally releasing a fastening device or applying forces sequentially in different directions.
Make a slat wall at midpoint by fastening boards crosswise between crib vertical studs or between angled furring-wall supports.
To demonstrate the strength of the fastening system to potential customers, Safe-T-Proof built what it calls an ``earthquake house.
Our products and services will provide an unprecedented level of technological capability for Raytheon," said Alcoa Fastening Systems Sales Director, Lisa Robertson.
One of the first distal edges of the first pair of side panels are folded inwardly over the first lateral edge of the chassis and another of the first distal edges of the first pair of side panels are folded over the second lateral edge of the chassis such that the first distal edges and the first fastening components lie between the first and the second lateral edges of the chassis, and wherein one of the second distal edges of the second pair of side panels are folded inwardly over the first lateral edge of the chassis.
So, from defense vehicles to communications satellites, aeroplanes to air-portable devices, the UK's fastening and bonding companies are up to the task within the productive and relaxed roadshow environment that is the FAST Exhibition.
The trailer features furniture, cabinets and items secured with various fastening straps and cables that Essrig's company distributes through retail stores and sells from its warehouse at 31143 Via Colinas, No.
The Saturn team's strong focus on customer service and quality make the company a key component of Acument's re-emergence as an aerospace threaded fastening supplier," said Martin Schnurr, vice president and general manager of Acument North America.
is a leading provider of value-based fastening solutions, engineered fastening systems, state-of-the-art fastening installation technology, and inventory management and application engineering services.
The front waist region and the rear waist region are configured to be joined by a fastening zone, the fastening zone comprising: a first side of the fastening zone on the front waist region and comprising a first portion and a second portion.