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The proposals will offer models of what an end-to-end faster payment system in the United States could look like and will show how each proposal measured up against the various effectiveness criteria.
Overall, 85 percent of riders said the Orange Line was faster than their previous way of getting around.
We must be faster, and as England said, "It's evident that DoD will need to improve continuously its processes for technology insertion into systems.
Backup systems have gotten faster and more reliable over the years, as the commercial backup hardware and software market has matured.
As a result, our customers spend less time managing backup, get faster issue resolution, and achieve better utilization of their backup resources.
This is faster than interval pace, but does not improve VO2max as effectively.
Imagine two galaxies fleeing from each at a faster and faster rate, finally reaching a relative speed that outpaces light.
Whether routine sustainment supplies or critical spare parts, warfighters are getting their deliveries faster than ever.
Software's goal is to take big computational jobs--crash analysis using FEA is an excellent example--and "parallelizing" them so they run much, much faster across multiple processors or some form of cluster computing environment.
In such circumstances, wireless applications can ensure communication between offices and enable faster service to policyholders.
In fact they cycle faster," says Holick, offering another reason for what seems like speedier growth.
The smaller the V:SA ratio, the faster the solidification rates.