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SMD won the awards for fastest growing large business and overall fastest growing business in the 2009 Ward Hadaway Fastest 50 Awards, 11 years after its holding company - Bywell Holdings - won the fastest growing large business award in the very first Fastest 50 Awards in 1998.
In terms of speed, that time the world's fastest supercomputer was four times faster than India's fastest.
This year s award winner is no stranger to the DHL Fastest Lap Award and its honors, having previously won the trophy in 2009 and 2012.
Sack racing fastest time for 10km in 1hour 22 min 2secs Aug 01
On the distaff, Belal had the world's fastest time in the men's 1,000m.
Aaron Fike was the fastest of the five rookies in the field, posting the ninth-fastest time.
Which lane do you think is the fastest for any 200-meter runner in a race against other runners?
IBM has the fastest Enterprise computer with a score of 521.
NOD32 was rated the fastest in comparative testing of 15 antivirus products running on Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition (32-bit).
Offshore oil and gas and marine specialist Techflow Marine was named fastest growing large business and overall fastest growing business in the 2015 Ward Hadaway Fastest 50 Awards last October.
Kanaan, a driver for the four-car Andretti Green Racing team, posted the fastest lap of the two-day test, at 135.
Which of Lanes 1, 4, and 8 do you believe produces your fastest 200-meter dash times?