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Elsewhere, the 25-yearold is shown fastidiously shaving as an exasperated Mills stands tapping at his watch in the background.
REVIEW Tame Impala THE INSTITUTE, BIRMINGHAM THE men in white lab coats swarmed the stage, fastidiously fiddled with knobs, and tested equipment; readying proceedings for what felt like the start of a scientific experiment.
The regime gained control of the arts and art market by directing its ire in the first instance at those who produced the art rather than at the art itself, it exercised its control by fastidiously controlling who could produce, exhibit, and market works of art rather than by censoring the art itself.
In fact, bicycles of all shapes and sizes exert such a fascination for him that he has spent literally hundreds of hours fastidiously capturing them in oils.
Do they imagine the kind of person who has fastidiously saved for 30 years is going to blow the lot in one crazed spending spree?
Fastidiously grown and produced in southwestern France, Bordeaux has been a longtime obsession of celebrities, oenophiles, and wealthy imbibers-"beguiling kings, emperors, and dictators alike," notes narrator Russell Crowe.
Fastidiously researched, this novel renders an accurate, if at times melodramatic, story of one girl's escape from Germany by Kindertransport.
Leather-bound albums covered with a thin layer of dust, with labels showing the year and location, which had been fastidiously pasted on and had now been faded by time, contained scenes from Israeli life with the dark-complexioned Levavi children, and all of this was punctuated by events from his career: There is Levavi in a frock coat shaking hands with a Cardinal; there he is next to a Monsieur with the Most Noble Order of the Garter or some Legion of Honor badge; here we have a reception in honor of a foreign affairs minister; and there is the face of a tribal bigwigwith the eyes of a satiated boa constrictor but wearing a coat entirely appropriate for the occasion.
He had considerable influence on Yeats who 'feeling himself to be under-educated, distinctly gauche, and disastrously provincial' was drawn to the 'cultured, erudite, handsome, fastidiously elegant, and worldly sophisticated Johnson'.
A fuller picture emerges as one studies each painting--albeit a fuller picture primarily of Gordon's sartorial leanings, as so many of the canvases have been assembled from deconstructed and fastidiously transfigured jeans, bandanas, and plaid shirts.
The statement said that Turkish football has been going through a very difficult period, stating that everyone must comply with the law and make statements carefully and fastidiously.
He is composing his new team as though playing chess, utterly fastidiously and downright committed to winning the game.