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You may have to pay close attention to the dizzying level of explanatory detail that accrues over the duration of this fastidiously engaging production, but you will be well-rewarded.
In our clamorous age, when "reticent" is ignorantly supposed, even by pukka, expensivelyeducated BBC correspondents, to mean "relucant", what hope is there for this, the most fastidiously reticent of poets?
The Company ethos is based around the focus on customer care and raising the standards to provide fresh and fastidiously clean carpets, stone flooring and soft furnishings including rugs, curtains and mattresses.
Artists such as Andrea Bowers, Sam Durant, Richard Forster, Karl Haendel, and Frank Selby, among thirteen total in the exhibition, hand-copy photographs and photo-based media, thereby lengthening the duration of the image's production and, for the viewer, transforming perception by fastidiously rendering what once presented Itself with glossy immediacy.
Adds Andrew: "The gardens are a particular feature of the property and have been fastidiously maintained.
For years I've been an online personality and travel expert, fastidiously seeking to get my name out there, garner recognition for my work and stay current," said Michaels.
There's also pedantic parish council secretary Frank Pickle (John Bluthal); when Mr Horton called him a "pedantic old fart" for keeping the minutes so fastidiously, Frank's response was "should I actually write 'fart', or 'f**t'?
Is it true that no one who washes their hands fastidiously can write a good song?
There was a new "Sound Investment" commission, Johannes Maria Staud's fastidiously scored One Movement and Five Miniatures.
Fastidiously he clears a tiny blemish from the glass covering the Opus print.
Bryn Terfel's Sir John was, of course, the focal point of Verdi's Falstaff, thanks to robust, artfully nuanced singing and lovably pompous, winkingly lecherous, fastidiously calibrated comic acting worthy of the finest Shakespearean.
Zaknic has researched the project fastidiously, and the result is a fascinating description of the arduous process underlying even the greatest architecture.