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But, again, this agent-focused perspective invites the charges of fastidiousness and self-centeredness discussed in the previous section.
The moment the self within is consciously felt as something superior to any of the gifts that can be brought to it, or any of the adventures that it may enjoy, there has appeared a sort of self-devouring fastidiousness and a disenchantment in advance, which fulfils all the Tartarean emblems of thirst and despair.
And given Legal's freshness fastidiousness, outgoing orders of fish are likely just brought in from the docks that morning before being shipped.
Of the orderly domestic life that the couple shared, Plante recalls, "I tried to be amused by your fastidiousness, but, complaining against your complaints, shouted that I would not have our lives reduced to minutia.
Clark resided at I Tatti long enough to absorb and enjoy both the breadth and the fastidiousness of its prevailing culture and scholarship but knew that, unlike Berenson the sage, his future in the arts lay in the public arena.
The de facto regime installed by coup in Honduras has shown a penchant for fastidiousness as it worries about the guest list for upcoming talks with luminaries from the Organization of American States (OAS) "A" list.
Perhaps she doesn't match Edwin Denby in fastidiousness or Arlene Croce in rapier acuity.
She strikes a perfect balance between the character's fastidiousness and her cheekier side, which led to an annual romantic liaison with an older Scout master in her youth.
What could have benefited this volume, I feel, would have been less fastidiousness by almost every contributor in rehearsing the definition of liminality with reference to Van Gennep and Turner.
And for all his fastidiousness, which made him initially recoil from the India of poverty, I feel he pities rather than despises the postcolonial world, a world that is his source of physical and spiritual sustenance, a world that renders him imperfect.
In the manner of many collected editions that aspire to present the score with exceptional scholarly fastidiousness, the editor errs, perhaps, on the side of caution in adding missing slurs or performance directions editorially (all of his additions are, of course, clearly distinguished from the composer's text).