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It is another flawless embodiment of the emotionally crippled male psyche, deliciously complicated by phantom thread (15) HHHH H a softly-spoken fastidiousness that doesn't extend to personal relationships...
Effective representatives are known for their sharp eye and fastidiousness. They are known for their examining consideration regarding subtle elements.
Because of the difficulty and fastidiousness of viral culture, the viruses were detected only by molecular biology; the viability of the viruses could not be demonstrated.
He does provide suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, and, given their fastidiousness combined with his erudition (it seems he's actually read them all and some even in their languages of provenance), the reader can rest assured he got at least most of it right.
Were it not for the fastidiousness of a medtech rival (who gladly spread the word), UnitedHealthcare's diabetic enrollees might never have known the insurer had chosen Medtronic plc as its preferred insulin pump supplier beginning July 1.
The crates and cases that often serve as plinths for the pieces are further extensions of this fastidiousness.
Clinton's bathroom break " or, more precisely, Trump's revulsion toward it " lies at the intersection of his misogyny and his fastidiousness. He's a germophobe who once labelled himself"a clean hands freak," called handshakes a"terrible custom" and said that the obligation to engage in them was one of the great curses of celebrity like his.
Such fastidiousness connects, too, with AEH's well known habits related to formal dining, as is noted in David Damant's "A Dinner by Housman" (65-73).
16 Sony Classics release should spin its juicy subject matter and lead turns by Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford into a solid commercial showing during another noisy election season; still, there remains a somewhat too-tidy fastidiousness to the picture that will keep it in the "pretty good" tier of 2015 prestige releases.
To do this in the name of environmental fastidiousness is hilarious.
Thomas laughed at my fastidiousness in that respect.
With help from some of her mother's closest friends, including Ruth Ford, Lynette Havens, Dawn Somers, and Ga-brielle and Julie Alexander, Jennifer began planning the retirement party with the fastidiousness of a teacher preparing lessons.