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Using only 5% or less unfixed dye instead of the conventional 15-30%, Avitera SE greatly reduces the number of rinsing baths required to obtain fastness properties.
Figure 7 shows the light fastness values of fabrics.
Effect on substrates on fading characteristics was to obtain the fastness properties of both print durability and image stability.
Poor light fastness for dye based Ink Jet print is the fact that dyes are present in monomolecular state and large surface area of dyes provides an efficient light absorption.
Additives, lubricants, fillers, and the type and size of fiber all affect stiffness, weatherability, water absorption, and the color fastness of composites, but the interactions are complex and often unexpected.
based company's director of growth, glossy, porous inkjet paper, while desirable for its instant drying, water fastness and compatibility with both dye and pigmented inks, allows ordinary ozone to penetrate the printed surface and attack dye-based ink.
Ed LeCocq (VCA) prefers nylon for its durability and color fastness.
Create a need for new and improved paper having different surface characteristics and structure with resistance to aging, light fastness and, improved end use flexibility.
Irish Prize, trained by Neil Drysdale, won the Fastness Stakes and Shoemaker Handicap at Hollywood Park.
Colour fastness and the effects of light are discussed, along with methods for testing and improving wrinkle-resistance and textile durability.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Light Fastness and Weathering Tester.
This high performance pigment maintains gloss with increased pigment loads and offers excellent light and heat fastness, high color strength and superior dispersibility, as well as reliable process and quality control.