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Randomized trial of very low birth weight infants receiving higher rates of infusion of intravenous fat emulsions during the first week of life.
Influence of lecithin on structure and stability of parenteral fat emulsions.
The tender number includes the following medicines: Tender No: 1, ATC Code: B05BA10, Generic name: Fat emulsion LCT (soya oil), glucose and amino acids (5.
A UCLA preclinical study identified how Intralipid - a fat emulsion made up of a combination of soy bean oil, egg phospholipids and glycerin that provides essential fatty acids - can prevent extensive heart damage and help preserve heart function when used during the return of blood flow to the heart immediately following a heart attack.
They'd like to characterize and improve the mechanical properties-tensile strength, elongation, stretchiness, elastic modulus, flexibility-of whey protein films and whey protein-milk fat emulsion films.