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Features Entities Masses and/or distortion Fat necrosis Radial scar/complex sclerosing lesion Granular cell tumor Spindle cell lesions Inflammatory conditions Chronic mastitis Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis Diabetic mastopathy Rare conditions Breast infarction Sarcoidosis Cooper's ligament
In this report, we describe widespread granulomatous coelomic fat necrosis resulting in colonic obstruction in an umbrella cockatoo.
Fat necrosis exhibits a variety of diverse imaging appearances on mammography, a finding that is largely dependent upon the degree of ensuing fibrosis.
Amylase, lipase and phospholipase A are all indicators of pancreatic damage, and persistently elevated serum levels appear to correspond to subsequent progression of fat necrosis (11).
fat necrosis with calcification or fibrosis post lumpectomy, more so when the lesion is small, when the characteristic features may lead to confusion and the biopsy can be difficult.
Pancreatic acinar cell carcinoma with subcutaneous and intraoseous fat necrosis.
Calcifications in axillary lymph nodes caused by fat necrosis.
Gross and Microscopic histological examination showed a submucosal lipoma with areas of fat necrosis and surface ulceration with extensive granulation tissue.
The pitfalls here are fat necrosis, lumpiness and subsequent distortion after radiotherapy.
Histologic analysis displays a mixture of sclerosis, fat necrosis, and chronic inflammation, as seen in this patient (Figure 2).
It is much more effective than radio frequency (RF)-based procedures because it is painless and avoids the associated fat necrosis and skin dimpling.