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Hoffa's disease: arthroscopic resection of the infrapatellar fat pad.
METHODS: For localized delivery, Elvax 40P pellets containing p,p'-DDE were implanted into the mammary fat pads of prepubertal female mice.
In a subset analysis, 66 patients underwent ultrasound before vaccination to assess fat pad thickness.
Immediately underneath the clavicular head of SCM the fat pad described by Mattson (2004) amounted to a significant layer of tissue that took some time to remove cleanly.
Murphy WA, Siegel MJ: Elbow fat pads with new signs extended differential diagnosis.
David Morrow's method, which we have now performed on 979 patients, allows us to remove the fat pad through a 3-4 mm oblique stab incision.
Mice that had caffeine and exercised had a fat pad weight decrease of 63 percent.
The mice in the study that were fed the diabetes drug rosiglitazone, brand name Avandia[R], had a significantly lower feed intake but showed no major effect on body weight or fat pad weight.
he's had one or two things - cartilage and the fat pad in his knee has been causing problems.
But when I went for a scan they said it was a ruptured fat pad which is just under the knee cap and it basically popped.