fatal accident

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After the report was published, the Crown Office said a fatal accident inquiry would be held as soon as possible.
Fatal accident inquiries are always held if people die in custody or at work.
The move followed directives from His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al-Khalifa in the aftermath of the "Seef Flyover" fatal accident, which left two young women dead and a third in the prime of her life in a critical condition after sustaining grave injuries.
Despin, a father of three who worked as a machinist at Saint-Gobain, was driving home from work and had dropped off a co-worker before the fatal accident.
We found that the Cirrus fatal accident rate--and the percentage of Cirrus accidents that are fatal--is a bit higher than the GA average.
Despite the negative figures in 2010, Ascend has stated that the decade's fatal accident rate of one per 1.
Earlier this month, mum-of-two Susan Brueton, aged 28, from Weoley Castle, died and a teenage boy was in badly injured when their car crashed just across the road from Tuesday's fatal accident.
MANAMA: Bahrain registered its first fatal accident of the year when a Saudi woman passenger died in a car crash on Tuesday.
When we dealt with a fatal accident there was no more than four of us, plus the ambulance or fire service.
The latest fatal accident is still under investigation by Suzuki, the spokesman said.
IF you caused a fatal accident you'd probably expect a penalty stiffer than a pounds 35 fine.