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Perfectly representing the East Coast breeding and well-turned-nut look of a smart '50s girl with a literary bent, Paltrow runs the gamut from boldly impassioned artist with wildly romantic personal and career ambitions she hilly intends to fulfill to tormented fatalist and terminally jealous woman unafraid to act out her darkest fantasies and self-projections.
Laugh with the cynical gallows humour of the long-suffering fatalist resigned to the constant cruel mocking and teasing by the Evening Standard-reading Gods of Football.
Thomas Hardy wasn't once described by the Oxford scholar Maurice Bowra as the last great village fatalist for nothing.
I'm not a fatalist and I don't really believe in destiny.
A fatalist might even say Lady Luck owes Locke big time, which might convince his manager to take out an insurance policy when it comes to team selection.
She's had a black week, losing two horses, and the fatalist side of her nature had half-reconciled her to yesterday's eventuality.
Far surpassing her overpraised work on Broadway of late, Burton lets you feel the headaches that plague the eldest sister gone thin with age, Olga's anxiety an acute response to the succession of defeats that have made a fatalist out of Irina.
I cry sometimes out of sheer tiredness, but I'm a fatalist, fairly laid- back.
Since then he has written six novels, including Stepping Westwards, The History Man, Doctor Criminale, Jacques The Fatalist, Rates Of Exchange and To The Hermitage, and several television adaptations including The Gravy Train.
Not something on which to dwell, perhaps and please pardon these fatalist overtones but it is one of life's sadder certainties that we must all, one dark day, play our last round of golf.