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The theory measures regulation and social integration to determine value systems and the preferred institutional arrangements flowing from them, leading to the characterization of four types: hierarchists, individualists, egalitarians, and fatalists (see Figure 3).
Holding everything else constant, we expect the coefficient on FATALIST to be negative.
But very much the reader who might at the time have read Jacques the Fatalist, Rameau's Nephew or This Is Not a Story.
Why did Anthony Shadid choose to give the last word to a fatalist and defeatist Iraqi?
It just happened accidentally - we thought it was a joke at first, but I'm a great fatalist and I believe it was meant to be.
He supplanted the authority of Edmundson's martinet coach and alienated him from his hard-working, hard-drinking father, a fatalist able to bond with his son only over late-night television.
He speculates that the occurrence in both Buddhism and Jainism of the eternally lost--Buddhists also use the category of abhavya, though they limit it to a small class of incurable wretches--is to be explained by a common background shared with the Ajivikas and perhaps occasioned by the person of Makkhali Gosala, a rigid fatalist himself and repudiator of the notion of karma.
My client was a fatalist, unlike many accused, who won't stop asking what you think their chances are.
Reed takes on academic politics as well, both the celebration of unconscious modes of cultural "transgression" like channel surfing, and the fatalist shrug in the face of global capital, arguing that these positions negate acts of real-world resistance.
I readily agree with Milan Kundera's opinion that the two masterpieces of the novel, Sterne's Tristram Shandy (congenial Polish translation by Krystyna Tarnowska) and Diderot's Jacques the Fatalist and his Master, unfolded the enormous ludic potential of the genre and demonstrated that a novel can be a game, a good time, with unlimited freedom for formal invention.
Annas' view seems to be based on the assumption that everyone is a depressive fatalist.