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In a review of the cancer prevention studies, Northup found that people who adopt a fatalistic view towards cancer, a view that it is too difficult to understand causes of cancer well enough to do anything about it—tend to have lower self-efficacy toward reducing risky behaviors that may cause cancer.
Three scaled measures indicated that participants generally placed a high value on pregnancy, had a low level of distrust for the health care system and were not fatalistic about pregnancy outcomes.
The general tone of this tale is basically fatalistic, yet somewhat lyrical.
They find that climate had always put Russia into a "survivor" rather than "advancer" position, and that policies of various administrations did little more than reinforce the fatalistic and short-termed "survivor" mode.
Brashier also briefly addresses human cloning and takes a fatalistic but practical position.
The Koran teaches a fatalistic view of life which rules out flee will.
These include: fatalistic attitudes, a sense of powerlessness, and a feeling that one has no stake in the community.
Rather than being fatalistic, however, Lowe urges politicians and the general public to pragmatically acknowledge what lies ahead, and to take immediate responsibility for implementing mitigation measures and planning a sustainable future.
It may make people both masochistic and fatalistic.
The better their relative economic situation, the less importance they attributed to both social-structural and fatalistic causes.
To be frightened of European foreign policy is blinkered, fatalistic and wrong.