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Unless one partner in the relationship breaks out of the cycle, however, the patient is condemned to fatalistically repeat his or her own history.
cannot fatalistically accept nuclear weapons in the hands of a state
Right before the analogy of the ants and the burning log, Frederic speaks fatalistically, using his friend to personify his grim vision of life: "they killed you gratuitously like Aymo" (327).
All who have thrown themselves into ballet early or late, realistically or fatalistically (i.
Those who bemoan any detailed public comment from Aston Villa, fatalistically saying it's no more than they expect, ought to be aware of the Stock Exchange regulations when a takeover is mooted.
These long-standing perceptions of Italy as divided into an affluent and dynamic North and a fatalistically poor and picturesque South have been challenged since the mid-1980s by the work of a number of scholars, who have questioned this model and responded with their research to renewed essentialist views brought forth by the rise of the Northern League on the Italian political scene.
And so Russian consumers, possibly fatalistically, tend to spend rather than save.
At all levels, Joe willingly, fatalistically, accepts the marginalized role scripted for "inferiors," a role that does not allow Christmas to have power or authority over anyone.
Although not quite the age to be interested in girls, he more or less fatalistically submits to his first kiss.
Like Thomas Hardy, John Richardson narrates events based on a character flaw that dictates the outcome of the story almost fatalistically.
The indefiniteness and indecision in Fleming's "fast nicht denck" and "half-verlohner" are abolished with Sumarokov's incisive "uzhe ne chaiu bol'she byt'," and Sumarokov's tercet ends on a clear, fatalistically resigned note.
The two sides played their roles with deadly seriousness, the Confederates keeping fatalistically stiff upper lips and happily running to their imagined deaths.