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Fighting the good fight, if fatalistically, like her "Skeleton with Boxing Gloves" (2012).
He is in this sense not fatalistically inferring his own barrenness but rather actively embracing it.
Vanya takes charge of his and his mother's lives, that is to say, thereby challenging the commonly held conviction about the ineffectualness of individual action in Russia, eloquently if fatalistically summed up in the phrase "at nas nichego ne zavisit" ("nothing depends on us").
If Poggio's discovery of Lucretius was made possible by a historical swerve, then Greenblatt suggests that major changes in world history happen by chance (the language of chance sometimes takes a deconstructive turn as "traces"; at times it is characterized in terms familiar to Greenblatt readers involving mobility or circulation; at one point, perhaps more fatalistically, Greenblatt refers to the causes behind change as a concatenation).
In the first place the fundamental purpose of our programme must be to put fresh heart in people who are depressed by a long succession of years of poverty and failure, the result of economic forces which they can neither comprehend nor control, and who, in many parts of the country, are inclined fatalistically to throw themselves on the dole and allow themselves to drift.
Maybe God is punishing me," she suggested, fatalistically whimsical.
Although taking recourse to the spiritual realm does not mean flouting gender order, this does not necessarily imply that gender injustices are accepted fatalistically or with resignation.
Patients in this region may regard illness fatalistically and use religious faith to emotionally sustain themselves (Rosswurm 1996).
This shows that pressure can be effective and that it would be wrong to adopt a fatalistically negative view of our future prospects.
Instead, it has initiated stop-gap measures of no long-term value, while fatalistically awaiting the downgrades, which are very damaging to the economy.
Upon learning they've been exposed to lethal doses of radiation from Chernobyl, they make feeble attempts to skip town, but then fatalistically give up when there's a chance to earn some rubles, and party all night long.