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They would have lost heavily but for the expertise of Begovic, and Stoke fans will no doubt get that fatalist feeling as the transfer window prepares to slam shut, with sides like Arsenal still looking for a keeper.
initiative (Canada, Public Safety Canada 2011), which recommends that people be prepared to look after themselves for up to 72 hours during an emergency, draws from this fatalist impulse - that government cannot be relied upon to respond in ah immediate, fully satisfactory manner to every emergency.
Everything else equal, fatalists are about 10% less likely to recycle and buy environment-friendly products nearly all the time than nonfatalists.
Oddly, the 'sheik' is a fatalist in a country whose people had defeated the American invaders and were taking back their country from them.
Some fatalists say it would be better to let Mr Brown take the rap for the next election defeat
Nielsen, Richard (1973), "Communicating With the Motivating High Fatalists," The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 32 (4), 337-51.
Saunders does, though, attempt an interesting categorisation of broad attitudes in order to distinguish alternative basic orientations to change: individualists, collectivists and fatalists.
Without hope we become fatalists and close our minds and our hearts to the possibility of change or of alternatives.
Tony Blair, of course, has a North-East constituency (though Tyneside fatalists are just as likely to see this as an ill omen), and you can never discount the urge of London politicians to do good on Merseyside.
Yamani identified two dominant trains of thought among young Saudis -- some were activists who believed that they had a role to play in social development; others were fatalists, arguing either that change would come from improved oil markets, or that only Allah could improve matters.
One could say that within the hierarchy of the village, the fatalists - to be allowed to live their life - had to stand by and watch the strivers helping themselves; just as, outwardly, they had to satisfy a minimum of Giesegaard's requirements for corvee labour, taxes and a certain superficial obedience.