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Al Rosen, the Cleveland Indians' third baseman who is perhaps best known for fatefully missing the batting Triple Crown by a single point, but who was more significantly known to Jewish fans across the country as the Hebrew Hammer, died Friday at 91.
Unless, of course, the French gradually and fatefully choose not to, in which case the entire project will fall apart or be completely reconceived.
Sean, 43, plays Mickey, one of the eponymous brothers who are so fatefully split apart at birth.
Isabella Stenhouse, originally from Edinburgh where she trained as a doctor, fell and broke her arm towards the end of the war and was, fatefully, helped up by her goodlooking husband-to-be Hubert.
Sloane Emily and Sloane Devon fatefully meet in a hotel the night before their dreaded camps begin in this Parent Trap meets The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse type of story.
But fatefully, he died in Gwen's arms, after collapsing on a New York street.
When their storyline's fatefully collided the result was to be a perfect pairing of likely lads.
HE was the smooth-talking conman who masqueraded as a divorced airline pilot to fatefully woo Corrie's Deirdre Barlow in a bad romance which saw her end up in jail.
She's treated at first as an unwanted interloper by Marisa, but the two commence a tenuous friendship that eventually, and fatefully, encompasses Rasul as well.
However, his past and present are to fatefully collide.
The haunting memory of Dettori's seven winners on September 1996 will stay with some bookmakers forever and the names Wall Street, Diffident, Mark Of Esteem, Decorated Hero, Fatefully, Lochangel and Fujiyama Crest, still send a chill down the spine of the odds-men.
But Ezralow, an unlikely choreographer who began as an athlete--yup, football--and who casually and fatefully signed up for a dance class as a pre-med student at Berkeley, could hardly contain his enthusiasm for the project, the production team, his 20 dancers, and for Taymor.