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But, B, when I found out that they wanted me to play him, it was ridiculous," Bell said, celebrating "the synergy and the fatefulness of all that coming together.
It's not that the child's greedy indulgence constitutes an answer to whatever it was that came between the parents, yet the conceptual rhyme between the two images overlays both of them with a poignant feeling of fatefulness, like the return of a Wagnerian leitmotif--it triggers our recognition of the recurrence of something irreconcilable.
The lawfulness of violence becomes for Benjamin a measure of its fatefulness and his attempt to escape fate leads him to sketch out an alternative to mythic violence that is both Marxist in its treatment of legal authority as a kind of false consciousness and messianic in its imagining of a total and sudden "Vernichtung" of the mythic violence upon which all existing law is based (2:199).
As Seneca, the stoic philosopher forced to commit suicide for offending Nero, bass Reinhard Hagen brings to the stage a gripping fatefulness, as well as an earth-shaking voice.
Practices such as these manage the affective response associated with fatefulness, acting as the defense against feelings such as anxiety, remorse and disappointment.