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CONFESSOR, evid. A priest of some Christian sect, who receives an account of the sins of his people, and undertakes to give them absolution of their sins.
     2. The general rule on the subject of giving evidence of confidential communications is, that the privilege is confined to counsel, solicitors, and attorneys, and the interpreter between the counsel and the client. Vide Confidential Communications. Contrary to this general rule, it has been decided in New York, that a priest of the Roman Catholic denomination could not be compelled to divulge secrets which he had received in auricular confession. 2 City Hall Rec. 80, n.; Joy on Conf. Sec. 4, p. 49. See Bouv. Inst. n. 3174 and note.

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Hamlet adopts and maintains the role of father confessor as part of an effort to validate his obligation to avenge the crimes against his father and himself.
The figure of the father confessor, too, became a vestigial reminder of the traditional religion.
Private confession and the office of father confessor were anachronisms that became more diffused and "internalised fully" by the middle of the seventeenth century.
Even though Hamlet reveals a general Christian desire to bring his mother to repentance, I would argue that he assumes the role of father confessor intent on extracting the consciences of others in order to assure himself not only of their guilt or innocence, but also to achieve support in his role as avenger.
Hamlet's fulfillment of his dual role as father confessor and avenger depends on the occlusion of his own interiority until he can successfully extract the conscience of others.
Hamlet adopts the role of father confessor because his obligation to revenge his father's murder depends on verifying the truth of the Ghost's story.
Under the burden of the Ghost's dread command, however, Hamlet departs from the role of a conventional Christian father confessor because the revenge narrative leads him to base his determination of the moral state of others not on divine law, but on his conscience's judgment of their involvement in King Hamlet's murder.
He was a father confessor for a lot of the players.
He's the neighborhood host, town crier, traffic cop, pet finder and father confessor on this stretch of Chase Street in Northridge, where he lives.