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Traditional attitudes toward fathering still exist, though, as a sizeable minority of men feel that it is more important for men to work than spend time with their family and that fathers are more important for sons than daughters.
Professionals need to convince young men that their health and well-being (and those of others) necessitate that they recognize the link between their sexual and procreative identities, as well as the association between their procreative and fathering identities.
One project focuses on the intergenerational learning of fatherhood--the linkages between the fathering a young man has received and his own fathering behavior, in the context of mothering and other aspects of family process.
A father embedded in a prison culture that regards fathering as unimportant would be less likely to be committed to his fatherhood identity (holding all other things equal) than a father in a prison culture that regards fatherhood as important.
I would do it myself, by taking a shot at fathering a child as soon as I felt I had the means to raise one.
1998) explained fathering as a multilateral relationship with a range of influences, including mothers' expectations and behaviors, quality of the coparental relationship, economic factors, institutional practices, and employment opportunities.
One of these tasks was to use the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Study (EHS study) as a laboratory for conducting basic theoretical research on the meaning and nature of fathering for low-income men and their children (Cabrera, Brooks-Gunn, Moore, West, Boller,& Tamis-LeMonda, 2002).