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Though a limited body of work examining men's experiences with their own father and their attitudes toward fathering exists, it generally comes from small, qualitative studies and specific subpopulations (e.
Discussions about role models can he tied easily to inquiries about the fathering philosophy young men hope to employ.
Fagan was responsible for launching Fathering during what most would agree was one of the most contentious and competitive periods in the academic journal arena.
If DNA testing can be used to exonerate people accused of rape or murder, why not use it to exonerate men accused of fathering children?
Fathering in the inner-city: parental participation and public policy.
As the destabilized fatherhood identity interacts with the norms of the prison context, new meanings for fathering behavior begin to emerge.
Funding for fathering programs and creation of father-friendly environments are essential to increase involvement of non-custodial fathers.