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Fatherland - the alternative history tale set in a world where Nazi Germany had won the Second World War - became an immediate bestseller and has since sold more than three million copies translated into 25 languages.
Russian Historical Society Presidium member and History of the Fatherland Foundation Executive Director Konstantin Mogilevsky and Federal Archival Agency Deputy Director Andrey Yurasov will open the exhibition.
DUBAI : At the Venice Biennale this year, the Pavilion of Iraq showcases a topical solo exhibition, "Fatherland," in which two poignant works of art evoke the atrocities of war.
Ambali, who described pensioners as senior citizens that rendered selfless services to their fatherland, said treating them uncharitably could dampen the morale of those currently in active service.
Our Fatherland is Calling You!" Gordana Siljanovska Davkova started her campaign in Ohrid.
"The Albanian renaissance worked in both the east and the west but put its entire energy in the service of the country and fatherland. Independent Albania, the Liberation Army was funded and recruited by the disapora itself.
Bocharnikov made the remarks at an event in Baku dedicated to Defender of the Fatherland Day, Trend reports.
The institution associates the phenomenon it brings up with Fatherland Defender's Day (former Soviet Army day), which is celebrated on February 23rd.
Ambassador Alexey Dedov and Col Anatoliy Fedotov welcomed military and civilian guests to a large reception last week to celebrate the Russian National Defence Day, known as the 'Fatherland Day'.
An event dedicated to the motto of 2019 - "Turkmenistan - the fatherland of prosperity" took place in Ashgabat at the State Academy of Arts.
All those who beat, threaten, blackmail or intimidate others, simply because they do not share their faithfulness to the idea "Fatherland above everything" do not know about kindness as a feature of every man of "this world", writes Vangelov.
Nations, Identities and the First World War: Shifting Loyalties to the Fatherland