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Mike Singletary, NFL Hall of Fame football player for the Chicago Bears, related that the only way he could shepherd his seven children was to keep his eyes on the greatest father--God--and said he believed that the solution to fatherlessness is for more men to believe they come "under the authority of a Holy God." Heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield stated that he prayed every day that God would always help him be the kind of father his children need and discussed the power of faith in his work with men in prison.
The key issue is to avoid bringing more people into a cycle of welfare, illegitimacy, fatherlessness, crime, and more illegitimacy.
However, as I say, major politicians and leaders believe in "see no evil; hear no evil." Mayor Young's predecessor, Catherine Pugh, never publicly mentioned fatherlessness, as far as I can determine.
(21) And whereas Elizabeth Cady Stanton had put blame for all "social ills" on the patriarchate, the National Center for Fathering makes the diametrically opposite claim: that "almost every social ill faced by America's children is related to fatherlessness." Drawing from data gathered mostly by the U.S.
the burdens of fatherlessness, and increase the likelihood that
The book describes how "fatherlessness is a virtually universal condition" and most men have several child-bearing girlfriends, who themselves have several boyfriends.
"When we hear about the impact of fatherlessness, the precedence for discourse and even for interventions goes to the boys.
(167.) The Extent of Fatherlessness, supra note 28; see Sterbenz, supra note 26.
of fatherlessness. The nonmarital child's best interests, Krause
An exploration of mental states concerning 'fatherlessness' in individuals exposed to domestic violence in childhood may be important in some cases.
Fatherlessness during World War II, and the influence of overbearing mothers, was producing a generation of "sissies" (19).